horizontal rule

Hello :) I seem unable to get the horizontal rule to show up on pages. I have added it to the wysiwyg which allowed me to add a horizontal rule between blocks of text. It all shows up until I click save and view the lessonthen nothing. I have looked using firebug and can not see any sighs of where the tag is meant to be. I have also added to css injector :- hr { background-color: black; border-color: darkgreen; color: black; height: 4px; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } which also make no difference. can someone help please :) Best wishes Martin Black



This is because of the WYSIWYG filter

To configure it you should go to: http://<your domain>/admin/config/content/formats/html

and in the WYSIWYG filter tab at the bottom of the page, add hr as an enabled tag.

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Thanks axel :) I had put hr

Thanks axel :) I had put hr in the filter, but thanks to your reply I checked again and found I had left out the comma at the end ( hr,) and not ( hr ) Best wishes Martin Black