Highighting the Documents Library

Good morning, I'm not having any issues with the function of the documents library, though I usually have to select it twice to get the layout to work correctly (the first time I select documents library there's always a large white space on the left, pushing content out of view). The issue is with the flat design I've had users complain they struggle to find it. Once you explain where it is they seem to be OK. But that's not really a workable solution ongoing. My plan is to try and tweak the CSS or something to include a graphic or change the design slightly for emphasis. But I'm curious if anyone has anyone had any luck reorganizing the tabs or "fixing" the interface so that users know where to look. In my case we're not using forums or "collaborative content" so it's just two tabs, "training content" on the left of the screen and then "documents library" all the way over on the right of the screen. If anyone has any insights, I'm all ears. Thanks!

Got an alternative request.

Got an alternative request. Considering we only have a single course currently, it takes multiple steps to get to the documents library. Has anyone displayed the documents library in the dashboard? Or perhaps on the main catalogue page?

Doc Library UI Bug

The display of the library scrolls of the page to the right making it inaccessbile. Needs to be fixed.