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Hi, I tried to get H5P up and working, but does not appear to be as straight forward as it was for Opigno 1 oin Drupal 7. I also read somewhere something about the H5P hub needing ssl connection now, though for the life of me i can find nothing about setting up H5P in the user manuals etc. In drupal 7 we could create H5P content either directly from within the slides, or from the menu/content area. The menu/content area is our preference/requirement. Can someone please give me a quick instructions on how to get the H5P working please? Kr, Chris


1. click on Opigno Module on upper right, it will take you the the path below http://web.dd:8083/admin/structure/opigno-module 2. click on activity list http://web.dd:8083/admin/structure/opigno_activity 3. select Add Activity, 4. select Interactive Activity 5. Add your H5P activity.

Hi spensort,

Hi spensort,

H5P is much better integrated in D8, all the available content types are listed directly within the list of activities (saving one click compared to D7 version of Opigno).

H5P contents can be added to modules (= lessons in D7) as activities (= questions in D7).

You can have a look at our documentation for more details: https://opigno.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OUM20/pages/363331657/Create+an+activity

Feel free to ask in case of any further question