File upload doesn't work on demo D8

Hi, Can you check why file upload doesn't work? I.e here: No message shows also. I have the same problem on my local version. The solution from doesn't work. Thanks for help

setup folder

Hi mateusz. Did you setup private/public folder in /admin/config/media/file-system? Did you see any error in the logs? Best tulas

Error with setup folder - logs

Hi Tulas, thank you for reply and sorry for waiting - I don't receive notifications and I don't see where I can switch them on. So, yes, we set up folder and the error is (translating): The target directory of sent files private: // 2020-12 for the tft_file field could not be created or is not available. As a consequence, the recently added file could not be saved in this directory and the entire upload process was canceled. The problem is that this directory exists, is set up as a private files directory, and has the appropriate permissions. I also tried to create a 2020-12 subdirectory, but still errors pop up. I will be gratefull for help. I hope we have the same problem as on your demo, so the solution is the same. Mat

Fixed file upload

Hi Tulas, WE have fixed this, It was actually a private file path, but the bug is on Drupal, not Opigno. In theory, the path should be absolute, and in practice it had to be set as relative. Thank for help! Mat