ffmpeg, pdf.js not found

I have installed Opigno on a Ubuntu Xenial server (PHP 7.0) for the first time but if refuses to recognise installed software. I have installed pdf.js and wkhtmltopdf following the user manual and ffmpeg from the repo. The status report says that pdf.js is not installed. Also the PDF configuration page admin/config/user-interface/print/pdf doesn't mention wkhtmltopdf as an option and the page /admin/config/media/video/transcoders doesn't exist. Is this problem related to PHP 7.0?
James Aparicio

Hi Tyranno Douwes,

Hi Tyranno Douwes,

One issue at a time.

Did you put the files in sites/all/libraries folder correctly? Does the webserver have access to them?

1-> Regarding pdf.js. What version did you download? The latest versions does not work. Try replacing it with https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/releases/download/v1.3.91/pdfjs-1.3.91-dist.zip

2-> Regarding the wkhtmltopdf. Did you clear the cache after installing it? Since the latest release of the print module, the wkhtmltopdf is a submodule of the print_pdf module.Have you enabled the module wkhtmltopdf library handler?

3-> Regarding the video issue. Did you install the opigno video app? Did you install the ffmpeg on the server?


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Hi James,

Hi James, I initially installed the latest release of pdf.js. After installing the release you recommended the status report showed that pdf.js was found. I installed wkhtmltopdf in the standard way and cleared the cache but no succes. You mentioned a library handler, which was new for me, so I checked Opigno and found it wasn't loaded. After loading it I could activate wkhtmltopdf. The ffmpeg issue was simply installing the video app. On another server that app was already installed and that was why ffmpeg showed up on that server after installing the software. All issues have now been resolved, thanks.