Existing - non-Drupal - training content

Can you use existing content -- such as a course developed in Powerpoint - in Opigno? A client wants advice on selecting a suitable LMS -- and has a LOT of existing content they want to migrate to an LMS. I just "stumbled" across Opigno (am somewhat familiar with Drupal) and I can't tell by the documentation on line, to what extent (and with how much ease) existing content can be hosted in Opigno. Thanks for your help!



Yes, you can of course reuse Powerpoint presentations.

Many possibilities for that:

- convert to PDF and include in a slide

- use the Google Doc Viewer module

- convert to SCORM using iSpring solution (http://www.ispringsolutions.com/ppt-to-scorm)

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Hi Axel

Thank you!