Error when edit question in lesson

Hi opigno... i have a problem when edit a question with user role 'Teacher' in a lesson. but when i want to edit that question as a user with role 'manager', this is no problem and success. this is the error message "One of the supplied questions was invalid. It has been removed from the quiz." i hope you can reply this message Thx
James Aparicio

Hi ptik,

Hi ptik,

This is very strange. Do you mind giving more details so i can try to reproduce?

What version of opigno are you using? What questions does this quiz have. So when you click save the form with a teacher you get that message and the node is not saved? 

This is probably because the teacher does not have access to some of the questions. Can you try viewing all the question nodes view the teacher? Also, have you given this teacher the global role "student manager"?

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Same error with changing

Same error with changing questions order for roles "teacher", "manager". User which try to move questions was the author of every questions. But if I do it by Admin account - everything is OK. Opigno 1.19, "student manager" roles doesn't help.

It happens the same to me,

It happens the same to me, when I try to reorder slides and i push Save it shows the same error. If I do with the admin account everything is fine. Another improvement can be to make visible to the teacher the Slide title, it will be more efficent to reoder slides if teacher can set it own title

The same error on 1.20.

The same error on 1.20. I've reproduced it on Simplytestme on the clean installation of Opigno 1.20. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create user Test with role Student manager 2. Create course Course1 3. Add user Test as a teacher for Course1 4. Log in as a user Test (next operation we make with user Test account) 5. Create Lesson1 type mixed in Course1 6. Create Side1 in Lesson1 with text "Slide 1" 7. Create Slide2 in Lesson2 with text "Slide 2" 8. Change the order of slides moving Slide2 higher then Slide1 on the "questions" page. 9. Press "Submit" button on the "questions" page. 10. And you get "One of the supplied questions was invalid. It has been removed from the quiz" error. Order of slides will not change. Now I just give admin writes to teachers temporarily. But it is very scary. IMHO critical issue.


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Problem Solved.

I solved this problem by giving Student manager "View quiz question outside of a quiz" permission.