Error Page Problem

If an unregistered visitor adds /anything to the sites to URL (e.g., they get to a "page not found" error page, but the search bar is on the page, and functioning, and people i don't like can get to content. i do see any way to disable search/admin the 402-3 pages. Help/guidance please.

Security Issue

Want all anonymous users redirected to the login page. MAIN PROBLEM: if an anon user adds anything to the url, e.g.******, they go to the opigno 403/404 pages which is NOT where I want unregistered, anon users to go - they're now past the login page. Tried but this is not resolving this/has no effect. A bad actor can now get past the login page. Seems like Opigno has it's own way of managing anon users? How to address this? PROBLEM 2: As a result of not solving problem 1: The Search bar is on the Error Page, and content/nodes I have added to the Site is available via search, meaning anonymous users have access via search. Anonymous users should not be getting to a 403/4 page in the first place, but if they do, they should have search capability. Can't see how to edit/remove search from error pages. Ideas?