embedding Videos

Hi Techies, We are in the process of evaluating LMS for our requirements. I could see that we can embed videos into Opigno but I would like someone to clarify me on video embedding part. what is the best way to embed videos from an external website (Vimeo / Wistia) etc. In short we dont want users to download videos from Opigno (it should just be view access) Any inputs / on how to do it can really help. Cheers, Shan.

There's a module (doesn't

There's a module (doesn't ship with Opigno, but is easily added via app menu) which allows you to embed videos from Youtube (and more?). However, the better option for students is to use h5p interactive activities, which come included. There's one called 'interactive video' which allows you to embed a video from Youtube/Vimeo and then overlay concept checking questions, annotations, etc. (https://h5p.org/interactive-video) Hope that helps!