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Is there a way to auto generate an email to a specified address upon completion of a course? We are using Opigno to handle online prerequisite courses for instructor led, live courses. The office has requested that stye be notified by email when a student completes a course. Is this possible?
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Hi jonboylou,

Hi jonboylou,

Yes, this is possible ofc.

First thing that you should know is that at no point the information regarding a user passing a course is stored. It is always checked based on the current requirements of the course.

If you look inside the profiles/opigno_lms/modules/opigno/opigno_quiz_app/opigno_quiz_app.module file, you will find a function called opigno_quiz_app_user_passed. This information checks if a given user has passed a course or not.

What you need is to store the information of the emails that you already sent, otherwise you will receive several emails for the same user.

You just create a simple table with userid and course id. If the user is not there, send an email and add him to the table, if he is in the table (an email has already been sent) do not do anything.

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Thank you.

Thank you.

Trainer should receive a mail on course completion

I have installed Opigno 2.7 ,Can we Send a Email once student completed the training to trainer.Is there any configuration change or it need to be override existing functionality. I am new to Drupal ,Please help me.