Editing Results

Is there such a way to edit student's results?
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James Aparicio

Hi Canyasa,

Hi Canyasa,


Opigno does not ship with the possibility to edit student results. The score is based on the best scores of the lessons that you defined as required at the course settings. Depending on the degree of flexibity you want, there might be some solutions without having to develop the additional feature.

For example if your objective is make sure you can fail certain users even tho they have passed the lessons, you may create an in house training, make it required and set non attended to specific users you want.

If for example you want to control it at a lesson level, you may create a question that requires manual scoring reviewing. This way, you can control what users pass and do not pass based on the score you given to that question. For example, if a course has 1 required lesson and that lesson is a long answer question, you have complete control of their final score,passing/failing based on that evaluation.

It is possible ofc to implement such feature, to be able to overwride scores.

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Thank you James, but I don't

Thank you James, but I don't want to evaluate manually, I was trying to edit auto evaluated results.