Edit a users progress in a a course

I feel like I'm going crazy. I am migrating to Opigno from litmus and we built all the courses and imported the users. I then when to edit the users to set where they were progression wise in the courses and I can't figure out how to edit users (members) progress. I feel like it must be simple to just manually edit a user to mark certain classes as complete but I can't for the life of me find it. What am I missing? I've spent so many hours trying to work out where to go or how to do it. Is it some direct database edit? Thanks so much!!

Still feeling like the only

Still feeling like the only way to edit progress or give credit to people that have completed things previously/externally from Opigno is to edit the DB directly. Can this be right? In the other LMS systems we have used there's many tools to assign credit/adjust scores for users. I feel like Im missing a module or something maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi lorenv,

Hi lorenv,

Out of the box, there is no direct way of crediting users as having passed specific learning paths.
For manual review of learning paths, there are activity types that require manual evaluation such as the long answer question and the file upload.
In house trainings and Live meetings are another way of manually controlling user progress / accreditation.
We have implemented something similar to what you are describing in the past for specific projects by adding an override value in the membership.

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Need to manually update student's progress on a learning path

Hello, I am also looking for a way to manually update/override a student's progress for a learning path. Can you provide details on what value needs to be overridden in the memebership? Thanks! Julie