Drupal not Updating

Hey everyone! I have an Opigno install that works great but the Drupal version (8.7.7) is lagging behind the recommended version 8.8.1. I also have a bunch of modules that require updates as well. I've been following the instructions at: [https://opigno.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OUM20/pages/363134999/Upgrade+…]. And I have updates to the various dependences but the Drupal portions don't appear to be updating. So my questions are this: Is that how we should be updating all of Opigno? Should I be updating Drupal separately? If it's not updating Drupal and it's supposed to, where do I start on fixing this? Thanks in advance for your help!


Got it! I was ignoring the line in those instructions that says "NOTE: If a new version is available then edit an "opigno_lms" version in composer.json" Now I'm on 2.9.0 and the while there still are updates it's at least closer...