Drupal 9 Compatibility w/ Opigno

Is the 8.x-2.26 - 13 August 2021 version of Opigno compatible with Drupal 9? We are looking at upgrading our D8 site and need to know if Opigno will still work properly. Thanks!

Evaluating whether to use Opigno for a new website

Hi everyone. We have to develop a new website for a customer who needs to create and deliver courses, mainly video. Since the e-learning requirements are not too sophisticated we are considering using a D9 installation and perform our customisation rather then going for the Opigno distribution that currently ships with a 8.9.18 core. This also because support for the D8 ends at the beginning of November and we have to hand in our work by the end of November so we may not have the time to upgrade to D9 smoothly at the last minute. When do you think the Opigno distro will ship with a D9 core? Thanks!

Hi paulsally, We have…

Hi paulsally,

We have already release the beta versions of Opigno 3.x (d9) as well as rc1. We will be releasing 3.0.0 next week.


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