Download certificates from dashboard

I have a publicly available course with a required lesson that when passed, awards a certificate to the user. It is for a site induction for one of my clients. I have created a course containing a lesson that must be completed and the certificate is manually awarded upon completion. This all works "ok" from the frontend but my test users have missed the download certificate link on the "You have passed" page. Is there any way to display a popup or some sort of modal dialog with the certificate link so that it can't be missed? As a result of this, I need a way for course participants to be able to easily log in and download their certificates. The problem is that I'm having trouble viewing results, either as the admin user or the user that took the course. Going to Opigno Administration/Student Management/My Class Student Results and My Course Student Results shows no entries although the course has been completed (in some cases many times during testing) If I go to People and click on the User, I get data under the My Results page, and all lessons show 100% Passed. My Achievements is blank. It is really confusing. Is there an easy way to direct users to download their certificates from the dashboard after logging in?

I'm almost there with this.

I'm almost there with this. It seems that it was a problem with my OG's. As soon as I gave my test user membership to the course OG, their achievements (and a link to download the certificate) showed up as expected in the My Results page. How can I automatically assign users to a particular OG upon registration?

This is how I did it

Not sure if this is the right way but I did some search on it a couple of weeks ago facing a similar problem. I wanted users to get a set of free courses after they registered (added to the database). I used the Workflow and created a Rule. For React to Event, I selected "After saving a new user account". I had a condition for specific role but not sure if you need that. And here is the weird part that I found in Drupal help site somewhere. For each course (og group), I did two actions per the instructions I found. First "Add a Variable", assign Value as "Node" and the Node identifier would be the node id and assign any value to the Variable Label you like. Second action is to Subscribe user to group; the User section of the Data selector as "account" and Group section of the Data selector would be the Variable Label you just entered in step one. It seem clunky but that was the only way I found after a couple of hours of searches. If you or anyone else have a cleaner way to do it, I'm all ears. Hope this helps.