Documents Library: Cant' download file

Hi guys. I just installed last version of Opigno. 2.1.16 I setup private file system and my course. I uploaded files with no problem, but when I try to dowload file, something went wrong with a 404 pages. The file has been correctly uploaded in private directory and I can download if I go to /admin/content/files Someone get the same problem? Best regards and thank you for support tulas

I can see the same problem on

I can see the same problem on demo site. If I go to -> Catalogue -> Intercative Video -> Document Library -> I can't download the pdf file. PAGE NOT FOUND The requested page could not be found. Otherwise If you edit the file you can see the file is there. Best tulas
Robert Carr

Need to Patch TFT Module

There's a bug in TFT module: You need to apply this patch

Thank you Robert!

Thank you Robert! Best regards! tulas