Disabling modules in /admin/modules

Installed Opigno 2.0 with composer. Addes som extra modules (PHP mailer), and I want to disable it since it crashes Opigno. The button to disable the modules is unclickable... I am logged in as Administrator. PHPmailer was installed using Composer. Is this an Opigno feature where modules cannot be disabled or a Composer feature?

Hi asikuy,

Hi asikuy,

I assume you have experience with Drupal 7 and are starting to work on Drupal 8.

In Drupal 8 there is no longer the concept of disabling modules like in Drupal 7.

You can install and uninstall modules but you can no longer disable modules.


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disabling modules

Yes, i figure it out after i posted.. it's the uninstall tab. thanks for the help.