Different filetypes for Teacher and Root Admin users both as managers

Dear Forum Supervisor, First of all, thank you for the magnificent platform that you made available for the education community. Although has great potential, there are some features that could not yet dominate, and kindly request your help. Found the following discrepency using Opigno, and would like to request your advanced assistance. As admin (root from Mysql) created: 1- One Teacher, role as manager, teacher and coach; 2- Three Students, role as student. When I create a new course as Admin and start to create the lessons I am able to upload all types of files, including larger ones. If, as Admin, I assign the course to the Teacher and login as Teacher, then when the Teacher wants to create a lesson and updload a file it only allows to do it for certain filetypes, such as ppt, pptx, doc, and so on, but also the file size is limited to 1 Mb. For an instance it is not possible to upload videos or other different types of files other than the ones above mentioned. Can you please tell me how can I change this settings on the Teacher's role, so that he can upload the filetypes he wants? How can I also change the size file limitation for the Teacher? The other thing is how can I change and customize the view of the lessons of the created course, for the students? Thank you very much, best regards, Luis

Hello cients.

Hello cients. From what your saying, I understand that you're talking about file uploads through the WYSIWYG. Correct? If so, go to admin/config/media/imce. There you will find different "profiles", mapped to roles. Edit these to allow new file extensions and up the upload limit. For the view, which one are you talking about? If you go to admin/structure/views, there is a view called "Opigno Quizzes". Is that what you are looking for?

yes, yes, yes... thanks a lot!

Ok problem solved. Thanks a lot for the attention you had put on this subject. Best regards, Luis