Demo System

In the current test system I have created a course 'Bronze Navigator Award' and added the student user to the group. When I log on as administrator I can see the course under 'My Courses' but cannot see it under the Administration function 'course administration' only 9 courses are displayed. When I log on as student I can see the course under my courses but when I try to navigate to the course I get a message 'You are not authorized to access this page.' I cannot see any way to correct this problem. Any help appreciated ross


Hi Ross, The course was unpublished, and with the current access right only the admin user (user with ID 1 in Drupal) can revert this parameter. So the administrator was not able to see the course. As the student user had subscribed to this course, it was able to see it in "my courses", but not to access its content. I have published this course again with the admin user, and it's now visible for administrator. Just to avoid confusion, administrator is not a full admin role in Opigno, and Drupal's user 1 has much more rights. Anyway you point an interesting point that should be improved in Opigno: - we have to decide wether administrator can manage publishing (this is a simple right to grant). If not it would be better to hide this option - a course that has been unpublished should be hidden for students even if they have subscribed to Thanks for your feeedback!