Customizing in-house training table

Hi Been trying to do some modifications to the in-house training content type/display. Neither of which seems to have any effect on the in-house training Content type display, whether we talk about the individual or per node table, or the overview based on courses. There are several things I'd like to do; show date field: instead of merging date in title change duration time field: as some courses span over days instead of just hours show price per lesson, since these occur on separate dates remove or hide score (from anonymous users) In the in-house training main course page it also displays "continue". Clicking this > and you get the info "this course does not have any lessons". Clicking icon top right however display the correct list of in-house training classes. So it would be good to be able to do a bit of training plus be able to modify the table design, even if latter isn't all that important :) Thanks

Checking in and finding no

Checking in and finding no replies. Has my question been posted in the wrong forum?
James Aparicio

Hi knme,

Hi knme,

Its the correct forum, we just do not always have the time to respond very fast to the forum.

Regarding the display, in the opigno_in_house_app module, you should have a theme function or a preprocess function that sends the data to the theme layer. In the theme template you have the code that displays the information. You can choose what do send and display hide.

Regarding the price, have you created the products for the in house trainings? If so you can render the product field. By default it should display the price and add to cart button.

Regarding the continue, it only takes into account the quiz lessons.

Best regards