Customized courses

Is it possible to automatically customize the content of classes/courses based on the results of a test a user has taken. Thanks for reading.


My team was wondering this as well. Following to see if anyone has any helpful tips.
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This feature does not come out of the box.

But we have done it before for some specific projects. How to do it really depends on your needs.

For example you could have an initial lesson or a webform that based on the submission would tag a user. And then on the lesson question_types add the tag field (or multiple fields if you want some kind of "if" "or" system) and slightly alter the lesson build to pick the appropriate questions based on that. In this specific case the lessons would be the same, just the content of each of them would change.

Another possibility would be to give different lessons for different users. In that case probably would have to change the way "Required lessons for course validation" works if different users would have different lessons and those lessons would count regarding score and required for course validation.

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