Custom View of Lessons (Grouped)

Tim Sparrow
Hi Opigno Team, I am trying to create a custom view of a course where it shows lessons and questions. So far, I can display a list of the lessons and the underlying questions (with links to 'take' the lesson): What I want to get to is this: [Course] [Lesson 1] [Q1] [Q2] [Q3] etc ... [Lesson 2] [Q1] [Q2] [Q3] etc ... [Lesson 3] etc... [Course] links to a specific lesson (Lesson ALL) containing all the questions for the course. [Lesson X] links to the specific lesson X (take). Each Lesson imports it's topic questions from Lesson ALL [QX] links to the specific question (take). Naming convention is [Course]-[Lesson X]-[QX] As mentioned, I can get the view to display [Lesson X] (unlinked) and [QX] (linked correctly to 'take'), but cannot work out how to display the [Course] level of hierarchy in the same view. These are the fields I currently have in the view: Content: Title Content: Chapter Name (Custom field containing lesson title I added to [Lesson]) Content: Path Content: Question Output is as follows: [Lesson 1] [Q1] [Q2] [Q3] etc ... [Lesson 2] [Q1] [Q2] [Q3] etc ... [Lesson 3] etc... Is it possible to group together in the way I described in a single view? I have thought of re-writing outputs and hard-coding the 'take' URL but that sort of breaks the benefit of using a view over a custom page. Any guidance greatly appreciated :) Many thanks, Tim
James Aparicio

Hi Tim,

Hi Tim,

If you already have the level for a specific course, on that view, you use the course id as a contextual filter.

Then you create a new view that lists the courses, and add a field that is the view you already have.

You can use this module. For the urls there is the option to replace the link inside the views.


 Best regards

Tim Sparrow

Thanks James. I actually

Thanks James. I actually just finished implementing a workaround. I added 3 fields to [Slide] which allowed me to provide the 2 levels of hierarchy and node link back to the parent for a custom view menu. A dirty fix, but it does the job intended. Longer term, I will look to try the method above, but for now, other priorities are calling :)