Create Record with Multiple fields in Registration Form

Hi, I am extending the registration form of opigno to include additional fields. I have been able to do by adding single fields such as "First Name", "Last Name", "Date of Birth", "Gender" to the User Profile Form at Configuration > People > Account Settings > Manage Fields. Now I want to include fields for information such as previous academic records, which have multiple fields per record and the user could possibly have more than one entry, the form I want to design should appear like below Username: Password: Last Name: First Name: Other Names: Institution # | Course # | Degree # | Graduation Year # Institution 1 | Course 1 | Degree 1 | Graduation Year 1 Institution 2 | Course 2 | Degree 2 | Graduation Year 2 Institution 3 | Course 3 | Degree 3 | Graduation Year 3 Please advise me on how I can achieve this. Thank you! Tolu.

Thank You!

Hello Allan, Thank you for your response, the module and video were just the answers I needed. Cheers. Tolu