Courses subscription per month

Hello Opigno, Is there a way in Opigno to sell subscriptions to all courses per month/week....? Thank for your help
James Aparicio

Hi Pc,

Hi Pc,

Sure there is.

By default Opigno has an app called Opigno Commerce App. It installs the commerce app and creates group products (class/course) products. Also there is an app called user expiration date. This can take care of your per month/week requirement.

There are different aproches you can take.

First solution - Set the groups to public or semi public and basically sell an account. This would allow users to subscribe themselfs to the content they desire. With this approach you would not use the user expiration date, because it is per group. You would just create a cron function that would block the users at the platform level that have not paid in the last month/week. This is the simplest solution but this does not allow you to have non paying accounts, because as long as you have an active account you can register to all the groups that are public/semi-public.

Second solution - Create a new product (all access). And on checkout, if the order contains that specific product, add the user to all the groups in the website and set the expiration date on all of them to +1month/week. You would also have to hook into the course and class creation and add all users that have bought that product (set them active or blocked depending on the time of the purchase) when creating a new class/course.


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