Course catalog default view and adding a manual event to the calendar

Two questions: (1) Is it possible to set "Alphabetical order” as the default sort for course catalog view instead of “Date”? (2) How can I add a manual event to the calendar? The user guide says there should be an ADD EVENT button but all I see is a MANAGE DASHBOARD button

Hello, For (1), yes,…


For (1), yes, training catalogue is a Drupal view, you can adapt the settings and move the "Group:title" first in the "sort criteria"

For (2) this will be possible in the next release 2.22 (being available within the next 2 weeks)


thank you

(1) I was able to locate the Sort Criteria area but not exactly sure how to move the Group: Title to be first. I guess I could just not expose the Group: Created on (2) thanks. can't wait.

Just move Group:title in…

Just move Group:title in first position (you can rearrange order)


Unable to change position of Group:title

Unless I am missing something, I am unable to rearrange the order and change the position for the Group:title. These are the steps I took to get to where I am: On the course catalog page, I click on Sort and then click the edit (pencil) icon and select Edit View Now I am on the Opigno Training Catalogue (Group) page I scroll down to Sort Criteria and see Group: Created on and Group: Title but I am unable to change the position/order