Content Hierarchy in Opigno 2

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Hi, I have installed Opigno 2 on Drupal 8 (PHP 7.2), which I am about to start working on to build my site. However, having read your user guide I am still a bit confused about the content hierarchy. In O1D7 version , you had Classes(Programmes)/Courses/Lessons/Slides. In your efforts to clean up the use of terminology, you appear to have made classes purely a group of users and deleted the ability to create programmes of courses. Whilst you have created a graphical interface for defining 'Learning Paths', I still don't see how to define and create a programme of study that involves several courses of different levels. Could someone please clarify for me how to this in the new Opigno? Many thanks. Kr, Chris

Hi spensort,

Hi spensort,

That's true, classes are now a group of users.

Class terminology in Opigno 1.x made several people confused.

A training is now the only entity, that replaces both courses and classes in Opigno 1.x.

If you want to have the same as a class in Opigno 1.x, you can use a training, with several courses inside. Trainings in Opigno 2.x make possible to manage one additional level of contents, what makes possible to do the same as classes in Opigno 1.x.

In a training with Opigno 2.x you can have the following hierarchy:




You can also have modules directly attached to the training, so it's very flexible, and makes possible to do no only the same as in Opigno 1.x, but much more.

You can learn more in our user manual: