Confused over roles and results.

Confused over roles and results. OK, I have a class (classification) called "standard", then inside that I have a course called "2015/16", inside that I have 8 lessons "S1 -S8" inside these lessons I have between 3 and 7 questions (quizzes), S1 having 3 questions, S2 having 6 questions etc. The course has 8 students, 8 mentors and two managers.(mentors=coach role simply renamed) When I log in as student 1, The student has access to course 2015/16, lessons S1-S8, The 2015/2016 forum and allowed files. The student doesn't see the link to administration to view course or class results, which is as required (all is good). When logged in as mentor 1, The mentor can take the course, this isn't required. How do I remove the need for a mentor to take the course please? The mentor has access to the administration/results page which is required. (all is good). Mentor 1 only needs to view student 1's results. Mentor 1 can see all results for all students for the course 2015/16 which isn't what's needed. Mentor 1 needs to see Student 1's results, mentor 2 need to see student 2's results etc. As I have it set up all mentors can see all results which is not good. What do I need to do to sort this please? Best wishes Martin Black
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Hi martinblackinc,

Hi martinblackinc,

You need to filter out the results by loading the users of the classes that have that course, where this user is mentor.


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Dear James,

Dear James, we have similiar question. When you replied to Martin, did you mean it is doable by Mentor filtering out the needed students but he still can see the others? Is this is the case, then what you replied solves the problem how to do it. But what if the problem is how not to show this mentor other students and their results?

Our goal is - Coaches should

Our goal is - Coaches should not add or modify existing lessons (because right now they can). They should be allowed to work with assigned Class content and grade that Class students. Also a Coach assigned to a certain Class should NOT see other classes results. What we have - User with a coach role and he can see ALL results, even from people from another class. This is not good. Please advise how to achieve our goal above.