Confused by course, class, lesson relationship

I'm new to LMS so please forgive this stupid question. What is the relationship between course, class, lesson? I need to replicate the content of a DVD tutorial which is divided into chapters and also to list individual video tutorials. All videos will have notes,links etc. Some of the latter are included in the DVD tutorial but there will be others that aren't. I assume the video tutorials and chapters would be lessons? To my mind, the container is a course but I'm not sure this right. Where does class fit in? How do classe and lessons differ? They mean the same to me. In Moodle, I could import a lesson into a course. Does Opingo allow this? If so, how? I can't find it.



Thanks for your interest in Opigno.

Lesson is the base unit for content. Video tutorials, chapters would indeed be lessons.

A course is the learning environment that will contain several lessons, the enabled tools (video gallery, forum, live meetings, ...), and will have one (or more) related teacher and students.

The class is a transversal entity making possible to link one or more existing courses with some students.

They can be used either to manage many groups of students allowed to access to one (or several) courses. Each group can be managed by its own coach. Or you can use classes in a school environment to reuse the same courses but with different users for a new year.

Once a lesson is created it can be imported to one or many courses. To do that you can just edit the lesson and select the related courses.

Feel free to post in case of additional questions.

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Ahhh!! That's clear now. Many

Ahhh!! That's clear now. Many thanks. With all these things, the initial thing is grasping the thinking behind it. It should be pretty straightforward now...famous last words :-)