Composerizing Opigno for Drupal 8

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Hi, I saw a bulletin that Opigno fro Drupal 8 should have been released by now - any news? I understood that several basic changes/updates have been made, such as a graphical interface, opigno own quiz app etc. All of which sound interesting. However, what about the installation and/or upgrade paths from D7 - is there any info yet? I am at present particularly interested in two aspects: 1. Composer included in the Drupal 8 core - will we be able to download Opigno D8 via composer? - If not, will it be possible to 'Composerize' the entire site using the module of that name? CKEditor is included in the Drupal 8 core. How will this affect Opigno given the previous use of wysiwyg client side editors? (CKEditor is preferred as appears to have more options and have had nothing but trouble with wysiwyg in d7, e.g. backspaces not working due to browser issue apparently, and, what looks like div spans making a damned nuisance of themselves) Kr, Chris