Composer installation fails

Composer installation fails in CentOS 7. Looks like the patch is out of date. Note that other patches were fine. = composer create-project opigno/opigno-composer test Applying patches for drupal/calendar… (2756445)… (2699477) (2604546) (2630234)… (2867991)… (2901594) Could not apply patch! Skipping. The error was: Cannot apply patch… [user@ip-**** calendar]$ git apply week-week-day-display-issues-2901594-15.patch error: patch failed: css/calendar-overlap.css:14 error: css/calendar-overlap.css: patch does not apply error: patch failed: js/calendar_overlap.js:73 error: js/calendar_overlap.js: patch does not apply

Clear Composer cache

Hi sibil, If you got this error we recommend to you to clear the Composer cache and tried again. This should help. The patches are relevant at the moment.

Cleared composer cache

Cleared composer cache(composer clearcache) and tried again. Same result. Is there an update to the below patch?

Hi sibil,

Hi sibil,

Please use --verbose and post the details.


Best regards