Color Scheme for Platon

Hello Opigno developers, I found that the current color scheme setting for Platon theme can be greatly improved but now it is limited to a preset "boxed" setup. For example, there are setting for main menu active menu link background, body back ground color, content background color, etc. with pre-defined labels white, very light gray... and there are NO SETTING for the text color after the background color is changed. I think it should not be limited as such. Therefore, I would like to suggest an improvement to be done for color setting as following: Rename the labels to their actual verbs or action (e.g change White to Main Menu Active Background, Dark gray to Forum tools background, etc.) Add the option to change the text color because, for example if your text color is white and you want to change the background color to something close to white, you won't see the text. When this change is added, I think we will not need to do any more custom themes. Thanks, Fred