Cloning My Training loses formatting

I have tried to clone the view my training in v1.24 In the cloned view all formatting, progress bar and course description is lost.
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James Aparicio

Hi Aclough,

Hi Aclough,


Edit the view and click on theme at the bottom right of the view edition page.  There you can see what custom theme files there are.

Add the same templates for your custom cloned view.


Best regards


Theme files

Hi James Thanks for the reply: I checked the theme files. The only file that appears in Platon templates is this: views-view-field--my-trainings--my-trainings--title-1.tpl.php I have copied this file and renamed as per the theme for the cloned view but it still doesn't show the progress and description. What am I missing? (also i rescanned the theme and flushed the caches's)

Is this by chance a css issue?

Do i need to customise css files to clone the view?


Adding view-my-trainings to the CSS Class in cloned view advanced settings did the trick