Class Manager Role

Version 3.0.2 I have added a user and made them class manager. I have also added the class to a training. When I login I can't see anywhere to manage the class. I don't have a management option at the top. I can only view my own statistics. Is anyone else having the same problem? Am I missing something? When I login as admin and view the class each member has Status: no status. Yet they are enrolled to a training through the class and can view all the courses and modules under that training. I hope that all makes sense?

Further Information

I have worked out now that the Class Manager can access the class and add/create members. I would need to create a link to ../group/classes and it is all under there. IMPORTANT NOTE: At the moment the Class Manager Role can add anyone who is an Administrator, User Manager or a Content Manager with the default setup. This is of course an error I would imagine. Please could someone from Opigno comment on this. Thanks :-)