Change in User Creation Flow: User after sign up isn't able to set new password.

Seems to be a change that has been effected with new version, in user account creation. To replicate this enable the setting (Require email verification when a visitor creates an account) on account section. Previously, a user would sign up and get the redirect link to set up a new password and once set redirects to login, but this is not there anymore. Now the user is presented a one time link that offers the user a login button, once the user clicks on login, the next page is the dashboard. User has to go to settings section and change password. But they will not be able to do this because a mandatory field on current password is there, which the user has not set. My quick fix has been to disable the setting (Require email verification when a visitor creates an account). This enables the user to set up a password on account creation, then this doesn't allow email verfication. Anyone else who's noticed this?

Found a module that fixes this User registration Password

After a few days of trying to crack this i decided to look at modules that would help in the above issue. The module User Registration Password gives admin options to the registration page so the user can now set a password and they will have to verify their account over email with the set password. Here's the link: I think @admin can add this module to the original composer.json for the project will help. Yet to test this on a drupal instance to confirm if its shipped with core as described above.