Challenging install

Folks, I'm installing the Opigno software on a Debian 7 server. I'm following the instructions to use GIT and Drush. I do okay until I get to the command line installation of Opigno. I type in the following command sudo drush site-install opigno_lms --db-url=mysql://root:[email protected]/opigno_db --account-pass=password. At execution, I recieve the following: Command site-install needs higher bootstrap level to run. you will need to invoke drush from a more functional Drupal environment [error] The Drush command site-install could not be executed [error] A Drupal installation directory could not be found [error] Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards, Pat

Current directory?

Hi, Sometimes when I get that error from drush, I can resolve it by running the command from somewhere within the Drupal install. For example: cd /var/www/drupal drush .... Hope this helps!