Certificate snapshots

Opigno support and fellow Opigno admins, Currently using Opigno 1.40, and longtime lms user/admin for over a year now. I am using certificates for my courses and awarding students when they complete and snapshots is checked marked. Saving to my database. I have two questions, First, is there a way to automatically email the certificates to the admin when students are awarded via email address in the site settings? Second, how can I download and query the snapshot files from my database? thanks and I'm glad to be a part of this Opigno community, in our little corner of the internet. Dan


Hi, I can't speak to your first question, but I recently worked on a solution to show certificate snapshots using Views, as hinted in this post: https://www.drupal.org/project/certificate/issues/2751023 This solution sets up the ability to query the snapshot table from Views, then you will have to set up a link in the view, something like /node/[nid]/certificate/[uid], to open the certificate. Your specific needs will dictate the best approach.