Certificate expirations

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Hello, how can I create a certificate that has an expiration date? For example, if a student gets certified in fire safety training, how do I make that certificate only good for 12 months after the student earns it?
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James Aparicio

Hi spennel,

Hi spennel,

First thing would be to implement a hook opigno_course_passed. This is trigger once a user passes a course and would allow you to save the exact date the user finished a specific course.

Having that you could easily implement a cron (hook_cron) function that checks all those occurrences of a user/specific_finish_date_of_course/course. Check if a year has passed, and if yes, remove the user from the group/delete the results for that user in the specific course. This would make the certificate no longer available for the user and make him have to take it again.

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