certificate and error 500

Hithere! A newbie question: I installed Opigno a few weeks ago (v1.25) and everything seemed to be working.... until I wanted te create a Certificate for one of the courses. My site ended up in a Internal error 500 page. The custom Class and Course certificate do exist. I can view them on the certificates page. But as soon as I click Create Certificate button, the error appears. Is this a known phenomenon? Where do I start fixing this? Thx, viragom


The problem with the error 500 on the create certificate page is due to a setting in the mysql configuration. In a standard XAMPP install the max_allowed_packet size is 1M. I raised this setting in the MySql config step-by-step to see what happened and at 4M the create certificate page worked! On my public webspace I don't have access to the MySql config, so I had to ask them to change this value. Still a question remains... Is it true that Opigno certificate needs at least a 4M packet exchange with the MySql server to work? If so, Opigno installs will not fully work on all commercial webspaces out there.