Catalogue WSOD

We are using Opigno 3.0.3, installed with Composer. We are getting no error messages under reports or PHP errors. The Catalogue WSOD when you click on the link. I have php.ini set with 512MB memory. This was happening before upgrading and I was hoping the upgrade would fix the issue. Anyone else had this or can give me advice, as without an error message I don't know how to fix it.

Further Information

I have had a look at the Drupal View that create the Catalogue and that seems to be where the fault lies. If I switch Advanced > Use aggregation to No, the catalogue then works, but not in its intended way. Has anyone else experienced this?


I had a look at the pager and reduced the number of courses and it worked. When I changed the pager display number, it seem to crash at the same time, loading one of our test courses. These were courses created when we originally started testing Opigno. I removed the old courses and the Catalogue View worked again. I reset the pager back to Infinite Scroll and it still works fine. I wonder if the old courses had an empty field it couldn't load, so the view went into a loop. Anyway if you get the error, test the pager display, changing how many you can view at a time and seeing if it crashes on a specific course.