Cannot apply patch week-week-day

hi, Because it gave me trouble using 2.0's database (which came also from the earlier drupal+opigno installation), i had to start from scratch. no big thing, as the site hasn't been rolled yet. but in case someone tried to do it on a live-server, there will be probably some glitches on upgrading from <2 to 2.0 and then 2.1. just a sidenote. Then I started a clean install with composer. When it reaches the calendar patches, it gives error on:… I tried to apply the other like-minded patches from the forum (e.g. -18, -14, -13 etc) where all report the same failure. I do this by editing the composer.json file patch URL and doing composer install (which rolls back first) of course. It is not that urgently problematic, but whenever i install a new module, it resets the calendar module and starts applying the patches again each time. any ideas? thanks...