Can Opigno remember the state of a video play during a lesson and after it is resumed?

Our current LMS keeps track of when a video is played and also where you paused/quit, to start the video at this same frame when you login and resume your lesson. Is this something that can be done in this release? Is it something you will add to a future release? Thank you.

Hi djost,

Hi djost,

Opigno can remember which was the last slide of a lesson when you paused, in order to resume later at the same slide.

But it cannot at the moment resume at the same time inside a video, the information is not monitored neither stored in database.

The idea is nice, we take note of it, but we won't probably have time to integrate it into one of the next releases.

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thank you. This is a feature

thank you. This is a feature our education department really likes in the current LMS, I hope it is not a deal breaker for them. I like what I have seen so far. great work.