Can not see any results, and view answers (not even mine as an admin)?

When I logged in as a teacher(& coach), click on my class student results & my course student results, it only shows the class' name, and when I logged in as an admin, I click view answers under my results it says "Access denied". as a result I cannot see my answers and any other student results (I have checked the permissions already)

Which Opigno version are you

Which Opigno version are you using?


opigno_lms-7.x-1.19 , and now

opigno_lms-7.x-1.19 , and now re-installing again

No luck, I can not see any

No luck, I can not see any results

So you have created courses

So you have created courses with lessons inside?

Do you have the field "Lesson required for the course validation" in your courses? Otherwise the results won't be reported.


"Lesson required for the

"Lesson required for the course validation" yes that was the reason sorry about that as you can understand it is little bit confusing, and I did a research about that too and couldn't find that anyway thank you. I have other errors on results, i can see my class results but when I click "see details", I get internal server error + when I click "see answer" from my results, I get access denied. (Bonus question: is there a way to get results as reports? I have found one of your conversation about getting result reports and you mentioned "" that it could be in next releases, is that possible now? )
James Aparicio

Hi Canyasa,

Hi Canyasa,

Getting access denied when going to the my results page in other users page is normal. 

This page is only for the specific user to access.

Regarding the see details in the class results, this is because the user has the coach role in the course. The coach role by default does not have the og "view any quiz results", only the teacher has.

You can either give the coach the teacher og role in the course, or change the access permission in the view /admin/structure/views/view/opigno_quiz_student_course_results/edit.

Best regards