Bulk User Upload

Good Morning, Hopefully a very quick question here. I have read that opigno has a bulk user upload for new accounts? Can you advise where this is located so I can try. I have to upload many users and don't fancy doing it 1 by 1 within the application :) Thanks Toma
James Aparicio

Hi Thomas,

Hi Thomas,

People -> Import

Then select a csv file where you have the users you want to import.

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Wow Thanks for the super

Wow Thanks for the super quick response!


James, I just took a look and the upload is there. However I do not have a template to use is this also located somewhere? Thanks Toma

I answered my own question :)

I answered my own question :) I select the fields against the template. Thanks!

setting permissions for the private store folder.

Can you give some advice on setting permissions for this folder to store those contacts that are imported. it seems also, i cant find the template to use to populate with new users. thanks