Big reset button?

Tim Sparrow
Is there a big reset button in Opigno? I want to restore the core back to default without removing lessons, courses or classes in place. I have broken the commerce functionality and even after removing and re-installing it, the functionality is crippled (no price field in courses or classes, no options to use in workflow, etc). I think I have also broken some of the OG functionality, which may be related (don't ask how, I think too much late night tweaking to get what I want and got carried away in SQL). Alternatively, is there a way to export the lessons, classes and courses over to a fresh install? Many thanks, A desperate tinkerer who has learnt his lesson
James Aparicio

Hi Tim Sparrow,

Hi Tim Sparrow,

First create a backup of the site folder and the database.

If you created your own modules or intalled contrib modules that you think may be causing any problem disable and uninstall. Put the website in maintenance. After that download the latest version of opigno and replace the content execpt the sites folder and .htaccess if you changed it.

Then log in as admin(user 1) and go to update.php. 

This is for core. For apps that do not work, disable and uninstall the module. After that delete the module folder inside sites/all/modules. Then go the apps page and install it again.


Best regards