Best way to integrate Opigno into exiting Drupal install

I can see that there have been issues with adding Opigno to existing Drupal websites. I have also installed a clean default profile, and there is a ton of extra menus, which would confuse and might get mixed up with the normal Web Menu items. Would it be possible to setup Opigno under a subdomain so that the learning systems is kept separate from the Website management system? If so, I am assuming it is best to handle the course purchases via the Opigno LMS? And have visitors browse the course information via the existing Drupal install, and if they want to purchase/signup then linked to the subdomain Opigno where they would create their account and pay. (I understand that the course information would be separate between the CMS and LMS, but the CMS content would only be Demo and sample data and not the full content) Happy to hear experienced thoughts to this as I am new to Opigno?