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How do I create a cumulative badge system? When a user completes 1 of our research courses, they would get a Junior Researcher badge. When they complete another research course, they would get the Senior Researcher badge (and then it removes the Junior badge, so they don't have an overabundance of badges). How do we set this up?
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James Aparicio

Hi spennel,

Hi spennel,

That is not something that comes out of the box with the app. It allows a user to get a badge once he has passed a course or course.

To do this i think its something simple to add. First thing would be to look into the hook when the user has passed a course. There you check how many he has already passed and based on your comulative settings you award him a specific badge. If you look at the code of the badge module im sure you will find how to award a certificate programatically.


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