Authenticated users cant' access topics in the forum

Hi All. I installed Opigno 2.16 version. I just created a training/course with forum support. Authenticated users can create topic in the forum but cannot access to read it (even own created topics). I just review Permission page in users section but everything seems ok. Any suggestion? Best tulas

Found same problem on demo…

Found same problem on GOto Catalogue Switzeland training.

If I add some new topic, the Student user can't access to it. Is probably something related with drupal new version (8.9)?
In opigno 2.11 and 2.13, it works correctly and drupal version is 8.8.*

Any tips?

Thank you for support.


Same problem on self hosted 2.16!

The authenticated user can't see the "topic list" and gets a "You are not authorized to access this page." message. The log message has a entry stating "Path: /node/2. Drupal\Core\Http\Exception\CacheableAccessDeniedHttpException: in Drupal\Core\Routing\AccessAwareRouter->checkAccess() (line 117 of /var/www/opingo-project/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Routing/AccessAwareRouter.php)."

Still here! Any suggestions?

I just updated to 2.18 and the issue persists. Anybody have some suggestions I can try to get this cleared up? I've used rebuilt the permissions using /admin/reports/status/rebuild and that doesn't seem to have an impact.

Hi I can confirm that…

Hi I can confirm that problem persists on my deployments even in version 2.18 too. I opened the issue more than one month ago, but no one confirmed the problem. If I will find out some workaround I will post it here in the forum. Best tulas

Hi, We are aware of this…

We are aware of this issue.

It will be fixed in the next release.


Users can read forum comments if...

Going into permissions in Group Module enabled me to show forums to students, who then were able to post. Go to Drupal Admin Go to Groups Admin Go to Group Types tab Go to Manage Permissions for Learning Path