Announcements Tool?

Hello! I have been testing the Messaging Tool as a way for the instructor to send Announcements to the class. Announcements such as "Welcome to the course! To begin....if you have questions...." etc. Before I even start, is there an Announcements tool I am not aware of? I have searched quite a bit. We would like to add an Announcements block on the Home page which will allow instructors to add important notes to be viewed by members of a group such as authorized users or students. Things like Welcome to the XXX LMS. To enroll in a course.... (authorized users platform level) OR Welcome to the Course (students on the course level). I am used to that tool in Angel, Blackboard, D2L and the like and am missing it here. Depending on your answers, I will continue with questions on the Messaging Tool to see if we can use that. Thanks much!!



There is an announcement tool, in Administration are, Student management section, named "Notify students"

Or you can access it directly by going to this url: <your base url>/node/add/notification

This makes possible to create an announcement that will be displayed on the homepage into the dedicated block, you can choose to notify all users or the ones subscribes to a specific course/class, you can add a calendar entry for this announcement, and you can define to have it sent by email to the users in addition to the notification inside the dashboard.

The announcement you mention "Welcome to the couses" is another kind of display. It would be possible but would require to reconfigure the Opigno notification tool.

Feel free to post on this forum in case of additional questions.

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Hi, Brilliant--this tool will work fine for most of what I need. I can reconfigure for the welcome when I need. Thanks!!!

Hi Axel

How can I add a tool to the course? Is is possible to duplicate one and customize it? Do you have any generic/basic custom tool file that I can customize and use? Thanks, Jack