Adding Subtitles in Video Lessons [High Importance]

Hi all, I work for a company that is using Opigno LMS 1.24.0 as an e-learning platform for employee onboarding and education. As we are an international group, we often need to use existing video materials and adjust them for our colleagues who speak foreign languages. For this purpose, it would be great if we could add subtitles in several different languages to our videos, and provide the viewer with an option to choose a language from a drop-down menu or something similar. Does Opigno LMS provide this option? Any information around this is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

I apologize for multiple

I apologize for multiple posts - I just wanted to further clarify the requirement that we have, in hope that someone will have a good understanding of it, so we can hopefully find a solution. The idea is that we prepare the subtitles in various languages for our videos, and incorporate the option of language selection, so our colleagues from different countries who do not understand the audio can choose their own language subtitle and read while it is playing. We are open to any suggestions, and any help is highly appreciated.
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Hi dragandjordjevic,

Hi dragandjordjevic,

Out of the box it does not provide this option. but the player on Opigno is videojs.  So creating a file field (vtt files) in the video content type and doing some small changes to add the files as tracks in the player is something fairly easy to do. 

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Hi James,

Hi James, Thank you for clarifying this - we will proceed as you suggested then. Regards

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