Adding Subtitles in Video Lessons

Hello everyone, We are looking for someone willing to help us with this problem. We recently received a request from our client that they would like to enable the option of multilingual subtitles into their training videos, which they have on their internal site ( Opigno LMS 1.24.0). So far, we have managed to create a new video with multilingual subtitles, but we did not successfully connect video with frontend. We would need your help for the following items: 1. to link new videos (with multilingual subtitles) with lessons on the frontend, 2. The existing video files should be enabled for the title selection option (multilingual subtitles) In addition, it is necessary to keep video statistics usage statistics (which also have mini-quizzes as part of the overall training). This is not crucial, but if possible this stats would be great to save. Best regards, Srdjan